About Us

A Coastal Playground

CSC @ Changi l is a beachfront clubhouse and staycation destination with 23 quality accommodations ranging from suites to villas. The Clubhouse is located next to Changi Village and highly sought after for providing laid back retreats away from the hustle and bustle, as well as get-togethers and celebrations for families. In 2019, the Clubhouse was awarded the BCA Green Mark (Gold) so you can be assured of a green and sustainable stay.
CSC @ Changi ll is the Former Aloha Changi, and is only a short walk away from the main clubhouse. The spacious chalets were refurbished in 2019. The largest unit (Fairy Point Chalet 7) is 697sqm – more than 6 times the average 5-room HDB.
The Clubhouse and chalets are open to public. Only the swimming pool at CSC @ Changi l is exclusive to CSC members and chalet guests*. CSC members enjoy unlimited free access to the swimming pool and best rates for chalets, bowling and facilities usage. Members also enjoy priority booking for CSC chalets. To find out more about CSC membership.
With a relaxing coastal backdrop, and close proximity to Pulau Ubin, it makes the perfect venue for corporate events or cohesion activities. Corporates are welcome to organise their events using the Clubhouse or chalets! For more information about corporate cohesion, please click on this link.
The Clubhouse is purposefully designed to offer a unique and distinctive experience for rest and recreation. The Club welcomes individuals, families and organisations to come together for rest and recreation, and create new and memorable experiences according to their interests and passions. Enjoy an escapade in the east.

Introductory Video of Changi

*number of guests allowed into the swimming pool varies by chalet type. Only applicable to both CSC @ Changi I and II Chalets.